Our Philosophy

The space is a hub for young and upcoming cultural activists and social initiatives in the Medina.

Apart from offering a co-working space, classes of Tunisian Arabic, calligraphy (beginners lessons and classes on the Kairouani style), oud, MAO, comic drawing, book binding (with the last master artisan bookbinder of the Medina) and language courses for the community are held here weekly.

Dar El-Harka also enables master craftsmen and artisans practising endangered crafts to share their know-how in form of classes, in order to preserve their knowledge and to prepare a new generation of artists.

The space is meant to link artisans and designers for them to create opportunities to join traditional arts and crafts with new creative industries in order to make them more attractive to young people and ensure their prosperity and sustainability.

Our hope is that Dar El-Harka functions as a catalyst for the renaissance of the historic district through the inclusion of young people in arts and culture.