Dar el Harka is at the heart of the Medina; a coworking space to work to study or meet craftsmen, designers, artists, researchers and visitors from all over the world – a meeting place for those who create and those who make, a cultural hub where cultural initiatives can be incubated and flourish!

This is why Dar el-Harka was created at the end of 2016, at 42 bis, Rue du Pasha, one of the busiest arteries of the old town, enclosing part of its most important monuments and on the path of its most important tourist track.

First co-working space in the Medina, Dar El-Harka functions today as a full cultural hub allowing entrepreneurs, youth and old to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate in order to create opportunities, support the local culture as well as reviving the historical urban neighbourhoods.

One of its key players is Collectif Creatif, an NGO that units’ artists, architects, entrepreneurs and cultural operators.

Housed at Dar El-Harka, Collectif Creatif is where socio-economic revival projects are incubated to improve the cultural revival of the Medina.

Projects currently supported by the Collectif Creatif :

Journal de la Medina,
Festival Interference,
El Warcha,
Doura Fel Houma ...