Made of two large rooms which could receive up to 10 people, ideal for workshops and meetings, and of a communal space that could receive up to 6 people.

Dar El-Harka has all the amenities with free access: library, internet, printer and scanner, kitchen, washroom and a small internal courtyard. The space could be reserved in totality or per room, with daily or monthly packs.

All Dar El-Harka revenues are reinvested in cultural activities in the Medina. Dar El-Harka offers to its visitors a space in favour of exchange and of creation as well as suggesting thematic workshops for all profiles.

Positive vibes guaranteed!

Our rates:

Daily Packs
During the week: 9am to 6pm / 10DT (5DT for students)
During the weekend: 9am to 6pm / 15DT (10DT for the students)

Monthly Packs
5 Days a week / 9am to 6pm — 100DT (75Dt for students)
7 Days a week / 9am to 6pm — 120DT (100Dt for students)

Meetings and Workshops
An hour / meeting room (capacity of 10 pax) — 30DT
50% discount for students.